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Teilnehmerinnen am "Best-Business-Plan"-Wettbewerb 2012 des AGBC-Berlin e.V. 

Curriculum Vitae

Udo A. Freiherr von Massenbach born January 22,1948 in Oberhausen/Rheinland, Germany, grew up in Duisburg, North Rhine Westfalia, Germany, played slide trambone (from classic to jazz, from march music to church events), Abitur 1967 at Steinbart-Gymnasium. Absolvent Kurz-Schule Schloß Weißenhaus.

-1967 – 1970 Management Trainee at Messrs. Kloeckner Co. International Trade &  Commerce, Duisburg 
-1970 – 1975 Studies at Free University Berlin. Majored in International Politics/Trade and Commerce. Minor in the field of Education and Vocational Training.
-1975 Degrees in Economics and Pedagogics
-1976 – 1979 Designed and implemented Apprenticeship- and Vocational Training Programmes on behalf of the Government of Berlin
-1980 – 1981 Director. Professional Development Programmes. Institute for Trade and Commerce
-1982 – 1985 Creation and Management of Training Programmes for International Trade and Commerce and Applied Computer-Software (SAP).
-1986 – 1990 Special Adviser for Trade, Commerce,Organization and Applied Computer-Software.
-1990 – 2000 Director of long-term planning group for waste disposal management / Project with World-Bank, Washington, DC., regarding environment in the Baltics

-2001 –  Writer  -  Publisher  - Consultant

-2007 - President American German Business Club Berlin (AGBC Berlin e.V.) 

Forum 'Liberal und International'  (XING)

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Memberships and Activities

German Council on Foreign Relations (Mentor)

John F. Kennedy Atlantic Forum

Honorary Member of "German Matt Lamb Society

CV Matt Lamb, Artist, Chicago

American-German Business Club Berlin; .Liberal Democrats UK,

Deutsche Atlantische Gesellschaft

Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung Managerkreis


Co-Founder of Berlin-American Reporter. Privately published journal recording events prior to and immediately following opening of Berlin-Wall.

Co-Organiser of "post-Wall world" seminars and events at Texas A&M, and the U.S. Military Academies at West Point and Annapolis

President American German Business Club Berlin e.V.